We work off an ethos of holistic planning and design; appreciating the breadth and complexity of the issue(s) presented

Our 3-Waters Team, located within the wider Advisory Services Team, provides advice and delivery of strategic, planning and design projects across (and beyond) the 3-Waters sector. Our approach is not one that is solely focused on infrastructure delivery, but also encompasses natural systems interactions including surface water, coastal and stream management.

We work off an ethos of holistic planning and design; appreciating the breadth and complexity of the issue(s) presented and determining a way forward that provides multiple benefits. The advantage of also having experience in Water Sensitive Design, park upgrades, stormwater treatment and detention, environmental management and streetscape/urban regeneration projects enables us to unveil project benefits that may be otherwise overlooked.

This experience coupled with a foundation that spans an understanding of infrastructure development and natural systems assists greatly when managing complex projects that have interaction with the environment.

Engagement and conflict management are strengths we frequently rely on. These two pillars of project management assist greatly when overseeing project development, liaising with multiple parties (designers and stakeholders) and presenting to project teams, clients, councillors and other stakeholders.

Having considerable experience working in the local government sector gives this team the edge when communicating with councils, understanding council processes, associated timeframes and priorities. Catchment / Asset Planning have honed our abilities in project identification, options assessment, and project development.

The 3-Waters Advisory Team draws on resources from across the company (as required) to deliver on projects.

We pride ourselves in:

  • Clearly confirming client expectations prior to commencing the project
  • Providing exceptional client communication throughout the project
  • Defining the project objectives prior to project commencement and revisiting these objectives throughout the project
  • Communicating any issues early
  • Incorporating a holistic approach to design management
  • Our ability to coordinate multi-dimensional, complex projects that require a multi-disciplinary team
  • Our problem solving expertise
  • Producing high quality deliverables


  • Flood risk assessments
  • 3-Waters, Coastal, Park Upgrade, Streetscape Design Management
  • Feasibility assessments, concept development, option assessment and cost benefit
  • Integrated catchment management planning
  • Greenway development
  • Asset management planning
  • Building alterations and additions
  • Stream/river erosion management
  • Climate adaptation
  • Flooding / drainage problem solving

Our recent projects

Federal Street Stage 2

Streetscape upgrade

3 Waters Model Upgrade Programme

Development/upgrade of Wastewater, Stormwater and Water Supply Models

Wastewater Renewal Programme

Pipe renewal projects

Freese Park Seawall

Far North District Council

Botanic Gardens

Endangered Species Pond

3 Waters Staff