Endangered Species Pond

Stellar Projects was engaged by Auckland Council Community Facilities to resolve water level issues for the Threatened Native Plants Pond at the Auckland Botanic Gardens and to do so sustainably. Prior to our involvement, the pond regularly needed to be topped up with tap water to counter evaporation from the pond. Additionally, there was a leak within the existing weir structure, spilling on to the surrounding footpaths and creating a slip hazard to visitors.

Our design directs roof runoff from surrounding buildings into a 25,000-litre stormwater tank, with capacity to accommodate additional rainwater runoff from the roofs of proposed new buildings. From the tank, the pond is replenished via an automated system, triggered by a water level gauge. Tank construction and weir repairs were undertaken with care to minimise the impact on pond vegetation, ensuring the amenity wasn’t compromised by the works, and vitally, that any rare plant species on the margins of the pond were not further threatened.