Commercial Construction

We are proud to share the photos below of the recently completed asphalt plant at the Higgins site in Silverdale.

Our involvement with this project included detailed design, and the preparation and submission of multiple building consents over a staged timeframe to enable work on site to begin as soon as practical. Various disciplines contributed to the project including civil design, utilities and earthworks, structural design, and three waters design, including a very specific trade waste component with the assistance of specialist partner IWS. We also fulfilled construction monitoring services once the works began.

This project had a particularly challenging timeframe which required all detailed design to be complete within 2 months, a task which would under normal circumstances run over 10 months for a site of this complexity. Works began on detailed design in December 2019, and were completed recently on site – a monumental feat for all involved with the first loads of asphalt being batched only 13 months from starting design.

Congratulations to Higgins on the completion of this state of the art facility, this has been an extremely rewarding project to be a part of.