Stellar Projects worked with Watercare to procure two Construction Delivery Partners to deliver a collaborative, sustainable, safe and cost effective programme of works for the delivery of water and wastewater infrastructure for Auckland, valued at $2.4 billion over ten years, known as the Enterprise Model.

The key aim of the Enterprise Model Agreement, within the upgrade and expansion of the network of pipes, pump stations and treatment plants, is to realise Watercare’s 40:20:20 vision, which is to reduce carbon in construction by 40% by 2024, reduce the cost to deliver the infrastructure programme by 20% by 2024, and improve the health, safety and wellbeing of all people involved in delivering the infrastructure by 20% year on year.

Stellar Projects and Watercare worked in agile teams to deliver a single-stage open tender, with a three-stage evaluation process using quality-based methodology. This different way of approaching procurement was seen as being bold and innovative, in a bid to challenge the construction industry.