Procurement Strategies, Benefits Realisation and Risk Management for Successful Projects

Our Procurement team, nestled within the wider Advisory Services team, is a highly capable and talented crew of motivated people who share the common ambition of realising great projects.

Our services include infrastructure delivery and execution strategies; procurement strategies, documentation, and evaluation; risk and opportunities management; benefits realisation; and value management.

We have a range of procurement skillsets and experiences involving collaborative and innovative sourcing projects, as well as designing and delivering supplier panels, alliances, ECIs, and suites of long-term performance-driven contracts.

We pride ourselves in:

  • Delivering on project needs and requirements,
  • Incorporating supplier market insights into procurement decision-making,
  • Determining critical success factors and integrating them into the process,
  • Examining and including broader outcomes and wider benefits in procurement activities,
  • Defining the differentiators that will set the procurement apart from competing offers,
  • Ensuring the right procurement approach is selected,
  • Producing high-quality tender documentation ready for release to market,
  • Carrying out robust tender evaluations, and
  • Maintaining the integrity of the process using government procurement rules and/or best practice procurement.


  • Infrastructure delivery and execution strategies, procurement strategies, and procurement plans
  • Contract reviews and renewals
  • Risk and opportunities management
  • Tender documentation writing, including market engagement materials, requests for tender/proposals, as well as inputs into the scope of work/services, and contract documentation
  • Tender evaluation services, including evaluation planning, evaluation team briefing, tender evaluator duties, and tender chair services
  • Contract negotiation and approval

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